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Medical Record Taking (a handbook for medical students)

Medical Record Taking  —  Department of Medicine  —  Boston University  —  School of Medicine

Directions for preparation of admission case report and progress notes  — 1952

I. History  —  A. Eliciting the history — B. Sources of history

C. Writing the history

D. Outline for history

II. Physical examination  —  Outline for physical examination

B. Outline for neurological examination

III. Laboratory examinations

IV. Summary —  V. Differential diagnosis —  VI. Treatment and further examinations —  VII. Progress notes

This booklet was found among the possessions of the late Dr. Robert Schwartz, and apparently had been given to him by a student, Philip Are???
(Philips' last name is on the cover, but it is unclear what additional letters are after the letters "Are")

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